Welcome to Give Him 5!
Your place for prayer encouragement to fall in love with Jesus. 

Jesus loves you more than anyone else will ever love you! 
He wants you to be close to Him. 

If you don’t know and love the Lord then a part of you is missing, and whether you realize it or not, you will always be searching for Him.

​Jesus wants you to stop searching. He wants you to find Him. How do you do that?
You make a conscious effort to 
seek Him. Just as you develop an intimate relationship 
with a best friend by spending time together, you will develop a close relationship
with Jesus Christ by spending time with Him and making Him a priority in your life.

Give Him 5 wants to encourage you with prayer and to help you
become comfortable during your time with Jesus. 

 Begin by spending 5 minutes every day entirely focused on the Lord.
​If you commit to it, 
your life will never be the same.

Give Him 5! Because He gave U Everything!

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