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Name Michelle
Nurname Raymond
Age 32
Hobby Church worker
Status Аuthor
Contacts [email protected]

My name is Michelle. In 2011, I felt called by the Lord to begin the Give Him 5  Ministry.

I am a witness to the fact that God sometimes asks people to step out of their comfort zone and do what may seem like an impossible task. This Ministry is a perfect example of how God will remain faithful when He asks you to do something.  When you say, “Yes” to Him, He will take care of every detail.

I have watched this Ministry grow, in God’s timing, and reach people across the world. I love it when I receive e-mails and Facebook messages from people who have been touched by the Give Him 5 Ministry and hear the stories of how it has led people deeper in their faith, strengthened their prayer life and opened the door to a relationship with Christ. I am in awe of how God has used the Give Him 5 Ministry and I feel extremely blessed to be a part of it.

I have not always known the Lord or had such an intense love for Him. I am Catholic and I am sad to admit that while growing up, I attended Mass with my family but I was uneducated about the meaning of my faith. It wasn’t until I was a little older that I learned about the beautiful teachings of the Catholic Church and I was introduced to the possibility of loving Jesus Christ. Previously, I had worshiped Jesus and been reverent to God, but I have to admit that I felt unworthy of His love. I had made mistakes in my life and didn’t know about His grace and His forgiveness. I didn’t realize that a relationship with Him was even possible.

Thankfully, I had a life changing experience that I talk about in my book, and I came to know of the great love that Jesus had for me. I also began to fall in love with Him. Over the years, I have grown to know Him and to experience His love. I want that for everyone, because I know how it has changed my life.

During my lifetime, I have experienced some difficulty and pain. As I look back on the circumstances, I see that God was working in every detail of both the suffering and the joy. Jesus Christ walked with me through the difficult times and carried me to the other side. It was when the pain was the most intense that I relied on Him and clung to Him to support me. I want everyone to feel supported and to know the love of the Lord.

As I learn more about my Catholic Faith, I am continuing to unpack its beauty and richness. I am also learning to follow Jesus more closely in my life and to give my life more completely over to Him.

Life is a journey that doesn’t end with our time on earth. Jesus Christ gave up His life so that we could have Eternal life with Him.  I want to spend the rest of my life falling deeper in love with Him and encouraging others to do the same.

Blessings on your journey,

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