Oshun prayer

Oshun prayer

What does Oshun help with?

Oshun is especially important to women in West African cultures. Those who want children and who may suffer from infertility usually call on Oshun for assistance , and she is associated with the concepts of femininity and the power of women. More widely, she is sought after in times of drought or severe poverty.

Why does Oshun wear yellow?

Oshun is a goddess of love and beauty. Oshun is a mother: Her waters were central to the creation of humanity, and she looks after small children before they can speak. She’s also associated with wealth and is said to love shiny things. She’s often represented draped in yellow .

Which Orisha helps with money?

Olokun (Yoruba: Olóòkun) is an orisha spirit in Yoruba religion. Olokun is believed to be the parent of Aje, the orisha of great wealth and of the bottom of the ocean. Olokun is revered as the ruler of all bodies of water and for the authority over other water deities.

What are Oshun colors?

Osun is the orisha of the river. Her devotees leave her offerings and perform ceremonies at bodies of fresh water such as rivers, streams and canals. She is associated with the colors white, yellow, gold, and sometimes coral.

Who is the most powerful Orisha?

Nigeria. Ṣàngó is viewed as the most powerful and feared of the orisha pantheon. He casts a “thunderstone” to earth, which creates thunder and lightning, to anyone who offends him.

What are 7 African powers?

Another common initiation is the intitiation into the Seven African Powers (Elegua, Obatala, Oggun, Chango, Yemaya, Oshun, and Orunmilla).

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How many Orisha gods are there?

Yoruba tradition often says that there are 400 + 1 Òrìṣà, which is associated with a sacred number. Other sources suggest that the number is “as many as you can think of, plus one more – an innumerable number.” Different oral traditions refer to 400 , 700 , or 1,440 orisha .

Who is the African goddess of love?

Oshun is principally the goddess of love but is also sometimes known as the goddess of sweet waters and protector of the River Oshun in Nigeria.

What Orisha day is Friday?

Calendar terminologies

ȮSĖ in Yoruba calendar Day in Gregorian calendar
Ọjọ́-Ìṣẹgun Tuesday
Ọjọ́-Irú Wednesday
O̩jọ́-Bọ́ Thursday
O̩jó̩-Ẹtì Friday

Who is the Orisha of death?

Ọya (Yoruba: Ọya, also known as Oyá or Oiá; Yansá or Yansã; and Iansá or Iansã in Latin America) is an orisha of winds, lightning, and violent storms, death and rebirth. She is similar to the Haitian god Maman Brigitte , who is syncretised with the Catholic Saint Brigit .

What is an Orisha?

An Orisha is a manifestation of Olodumare (God). Followers believe that these spirits will give them help in life, if they carry out the appropriate rituals, and enable them to achieve the destiny that God planned for them before they were born.

How do you worship Yemaya?

Blue is her color and those who worship Yemaya wear a necklace of clear and blue beads. In addition to a necklace, those who worship Yemaya wear a blue dress complete with seven layers to represent the seven seas. In a Yemaya ceremony everyone dances in a circle and the altar is in the form of a circle.

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What saint is Oshun?

Cuba’s patron saint, the Virgin of Charity of El Cobre , is also Oshun, the goddess of love and fertility.

What does Yemaya look like?

Although the Virgin Mary is traditionally depicted as a white woman (a misrepresentation in history, but that’s another story), Yemaya is depicted as a woman of color. Radiantly rising from the sea, her dark skin shining under the moon, Yemaya rules over her domain with grace, beauty, and maternal wisdom.

Is olodumare male or female?

Also, whereas Obatala is the Chief male god, Oduduwa is the Chief female god (Lucas, 1948 p. 93). Olodumare , the Supreme deity, whose abode is in the sky (hence his other name Olorun – meaning owner of the heaven or sky) decided to create a solid earth.

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