The prayer quest for camelot

The prayer quest for camelot

Is Quest for Camelot on Disney?

Warner Bros. Quest for Camelot (released in the United Kingdom as The Magic Sword: Quest for Camelot ) is a 1998 American animated musical fantasy film produced by Warner Bros. Feature Animation and directed by Frederik Du Chau and very loosely based on the novel The King’s Damosel by Vera Chapman.

What Disney movie has the song The Prayer in it?

The Prayer is the song from the Warner Bros. 1998 animated film Quest for Camelot .

Is there a Quest for Camelot 2?

Quest for Camelot II is a direct-to-DVD sequel to Quest for Camelot .

How long is Quest For Camelot?

Is Quest for Camelot on Netflix?

Quest for Camelot | Netflix .

Do Garrett and Kayley get married?

At the end of the film, Garrett and Kayley get married become knights of the round table after they save Camelot (their knighting ceremony also functioned as a wedding ceremony).

Who wrote the prayer?

Who sings the prayer with Josh Groban?

Celine Dion and Josh Groban version Celine Dion first performed “The Prayer ” live with Josh Groban in 1999, when then 17-year old Groban filled in for Andrea Bocelli at rehearsal for the 41st Annual Grammy Awards.

Who sings the Prayer with Celine Dion?

What is Quest for Camelot about?

Who sings for Garrett in Quest for Camelot?


Cast overview, first billed only:
Jessalyn Gilsig Kayley (voice)
Andrea Corr Kayley (singing voice)
Cary Elwes Garrett (voice)
Bryan White Garrett (singing voice)

Is Quest for Camelot on Amazon Prime?

Watch Quest for Camelot | Prime Video.

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How old is Kaylee In Quest For Camelot?

Despite the early loss of her father, Kayley grows into an adventurous and cheerful young woman. Approximately twenty years old at the time of the movie’s main plot, she dreams of breaking free from the daily grind of chores and seeking out her own chance at honor and glory.

What year did Quest for Camelot come out?

Does Garrett get his sight back?

When Ruber is destroyed and makes everything magically back to normal and even curing the injured King Arthur, it is possible that he regained his sight , he gets a new staff at the end of the movie before they are knighted and when they leave, this made mostly lack of much evidence or explanation that he got his sight

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