Wing & a prayer

Wing & a prayer

What does a wing and a prayer mean?

informal. : without much chance of success She took the job on a wing and a prayer .

Where did a wing and a prayer come from?

Origin of On a Wing and a Prayer This expression originated during World War II. It appeared in a film called The Flying Tigers in the year 1942. One of the pilots in the military had lost one wing of his plane, so he was trying to land using only one wing and a prayer .

What does the phrase on the wing mean?

Fig. while flying; while in flight. (Usually refers to birds, fowl, etc., not people or planes.) There is nothing as pretty as a bird on the wing .

How do you get the wing and a prayer achievement?

WING AND A PRAYER : The easiest way to achieve the feat ” Wing and a Prayer ‘: Defend yourself at the crashed airliner way without taking damage.” This achievement requires you to defend a downed airplane without taking a single hit. In fact, with a good couple of gunners, you should be able to do it with ease.

Is Wung a word?

” wung it” was relatively common colloquial usage when I was growing up in NW England. “winged it” in this context sounds wrong, even if technically correct. “winged it” meaning “hit in the wing” (when talking about birds or aeroplanes) was generally not changed to ” wung it”.

What does spreading your wings mean?

: to become more independent and confident : to try doing new things College gave her a chance to spread her wings .

What does waiting in the wings mean?

If someone or something is waiting in the wings , they are not yet active or important, but are ready or likely to be so soon: The team has several talented young players waiting in the wings . 3 дня назад

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What does Mash mean in drill?

Mash – gun. Matic – gun. Matrixed – placed on the London Met police gang database. Mazza, Mazzaleen – madness, crazy situation.

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